Charlton Island

Muddy says: Love a bit of #luxuryhomeware? Er, yes. Well, you need to know about this online purveyor of one-of-a-kind designer cushions, lamps, throws and more. It’s got a celebrity following, don’t you know?!

OK, brace yourself because you’re about to enter an interiors world of delight and we at Muddy cannot be responsible for any credit card action that may ensue. #CharltonIsland, the brainchild of Cheltenham-based supermum Amy Collick, is an #onlineemporium the like of which is rarely seen. We can pretty much guarantee you won’t find anything here that you’ll see anywhere else.

A sumptuous collection of original designs, it’s hard to know what to tell you about first. The fabulous throws and cushions by American designer #AvivaStanoff, which grace the homes of Bill Gates and Snoop Dog (interesting that they have the same taste!), and are part of a permanent exhibition at The Brooklyn Art Museum in New York? Yes, they’re works of art and will raise your sofa’s game in a plump. And, Charlton Island is the only official UK agent for the interiors superstar. Next on the wish list has to be the fabulously surreal lamps by Somerset-based #TempleandIvy. With their bronze African birds’ legs and feathered shades, they look like they’re about to romp across the room. And there’s more gorgeous cushion action courtesy of #MariskaMeijers, an Amsterdam designer who also does a great line in lacquered trays. There are always new designers joining – French photography studio #DavidandDavidStudio has just come on board with delicious palm tree prints that would look amazing in a conservatory. And if you just want to dip your toe in, I rather fancy one of the feathery brooches – perfect for the grouse season I reckon!

Charlton Island is a darling of British #Vogue – the fashion bible can’t stop featuring its wares, which have been in the pages of the magazine three times already – and London’s swankiest ‘hoods are all over its collections. But hey people, it’s homegrown in our county, so come on, let’s take first dibs!

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