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Aviva Stanoff

Her reverence of nature, respect for Japanese tradition, and affinity for urban life shape the refined complexity inherent in her work.


Aviva is the original designer of the sequin Mermaid pillows which went viral in January 2016 with over 36 million YouTube views in a matter of days generating a significant amount of media attention.

Aviva Stanoff started her career designing textiles for top fashion houses In New York, London, and Paris including Christian Dior, Givenchy Couture, Calvin Klein and Donna Karan, among others.

In 2004, Aviva launched her own line of home accessories and her products are now sold in some of the world’s top retailers, featured in major hotels and favoured by interior designers.

She has received accolades from organisations around the world.  Her textiles are part of the permanent collection of the Brooklyn Museum.  In her inaugural year she was touted as ‘Best Bet’ by the New York Times and the American Society of Interior Designers honoured her as ‘Best of the Best’.

Aviva applies her fashion background to designing collections, redefining luxury in home textiles and innovating through exotic surface design and applications.  She is a true artisan, mixing dyes by hand in small batches, pressing real objects into fabric and applying jewels one at a time-all made in the USA in her California design studio.

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