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Peter Mandl

Peter's story...


Through almost 50 years as a sculptor, influence by Bohemian Baroque sculptural traditions and the environment I live and work in - with its omnipresent wind, sea and sweeping waves - my sculptures are often inspired by the female body and the dynamic movements from the sea and wind.

My bronze work are mainly based on traditional subjects from antiquity and by classics of literature, while much of my glass work, utilizing a technique developed in Bohemia in the 1940s, are mould-melted and cut glass sculptures with a more abstract and modern expression.  This glassmaking method is the closest to my creative sensibility - as glass can reproduce my artistic ideas as faithfully as metal, down to the finest details.

I have done more that 100 exhibitions, and my work are sold to private art collectors globally.  In addition to this I have done public work in more than 30 places including parks, city halls, hotels and cruise ships.

"Peter Mandl's sculptural work is truly prolific.  All his glass and metal sculptures are meticulously conceived and finished, even down to seemingly minor details.  Nothing is left to chance because even such trifling aspects determine the objects' singular, compelling nature" - Antonin Langhamer, Director Emeritus/Museum of Glass and Jewellery, Czech Republic.  

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